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Individual Therapy


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My Expertise

My experiences encompass various facets of the human experience, including significant life changes such as moving, heartbreak, grief, death, and birth. My focus extends to mental health challenges, covering areas like depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and sexual trauma. Additionally, I engage in addressing relationship dynamics, family conflicts, and the complexities of divorce or separation. I will guide you in the cultivation of a healthier relationship with yourself + others. I have a particular specialization in providing support to menstruating individuals with cycles, fertility, pregnancy, and the post-partum phases.

My Message to You

Therapy is an investment in yourself. You have so much to be proud of for starting your journey. I am honored to be a witness to your creation and healing. 

What You Can Expect

My office is virtual. We will meet through video. Some things you can expect include talk psychotherapy and incorporating techniques that fit your needs including (but not limited to) mindfulness, meditation, as well as daily routines and practices.

Individual Therapy


  • 50 minute session

  • Sliding scale fee available **

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