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I am here to support you step into your authentic self. The individuals, couples, and family constellations I work with are committed to making real changes in their lives. I will meet you with an unconditional, warm, empathetic environment to soften into while we face and process some of the things that hurt, bewilder, or confuse you the most. By doing so, the goal is to release that which is no longer yours to carry and align with the most authentic version of yourself. Our work includes making meaning of your experiences and relationships. Through our work, patterns and struggles become illuminated and change can come in.


My specialities include a variety of aspects of the human experience including depression, anxiety, life transitions, trauma, family conflict, and relationships. I also incorporate attachment and inner child work. I specialize in helping menstruating humans navigate through cycle issues and hormone balancing.

Doing the work in therapy is a real commitment. You have so much to be proud of by beginning this journey. We are in this therapeutic dance together and I look forward to guiding you into living the life you desire and making the changes you wish to see. You can expect talk psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, as well as daily routines and practices.

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