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Walk Talk Therapy


**Only available in specific geographical locations
**Inquire about locations, insurance & superbills


Walk Talk Therapy

Walk Talk Therapy is a mindfulness-based body oriented therapy.


Research finds many benefits of Walk Talk therapy. Some of those benefits are: reducing anxiety, allowing you to relax, reduce intrusive and ruminative thoughts, improve stress, reduce anger, improve ability to cope with life transitions, increase positive mood, and improve stress management.


This type of therapy allows you to breathe deep and receive mind-body insight while processing experiences in an alternative way compared to traditional talk therapy.


What  to Expect


We will meet one time before we hit the pavement, trail, or beach. The purpose of this session is to conduct an initial intake session, establish goals for therapy, and talk details of the Walk Talk therapy (i.e., where we will meet and walk).


From there, we will meet at our designated place and walk side by side. In these sessions, we will discuss what is coming up for you that day in the context of your overall goals, similar to as if we were sitting inside an office. 


Depending on how you are feeling, we might take a few moments to stand in silent reflection, engage in deep breathing, or sit in guided meditation or visualization.


I look forward to chatting with you about whether walk talk therapy feels like a good fit.

Walk Talk Therapy


  • 50 minute session

  • Sliding scale fee available **


  • 90 minute session

  • Sliding scale fee available **

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