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HTMA Single Session


  • (1) HTMA test and analysis

  • Either (1) 30 min review call of your results + text support OR (1) email analysis

  • Bio-individual diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • optional HTMA supplement 

$399 - Payment plan available

  • All services above 

  • (1) 15 min follow-up call + text support

  • Bio-individual diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire analysis (a comprehensive health assessment tool) 

  • A document recap tying your top-rated symptoms and main concerns to your HTMA results — your symptoms from a mineral’s perspective

  • + optional HTMA supplement formulated for you

HTMA Retests - returning HTMA single session clients save on HTMA retests

Contact me directly for a link to purchase.

**An HTMA re-test is recommended at a minimum of 3.5 months after starting your protocol. The purpose of this is to continue to support your body in re-balancing. Mineral needs, stage of stress, and metabolic types change over time!

Minerals are considered the spark plugs or key foundations of our health.

The HTMA was a huge game-changer for me. I believe it can be an important data point for YOU in your health journey as well. Here's why! 

Mineral imbalances can be at the root of SO many symptoms including...

  • anxiety and depression

  • fatigue/loss of stamina

  • brain fog

  • constipation, diarrhea, bloating

  • anger and aggressiveness

  • low thyroid function

  • significant, unexplained weight gain

  • hair loss

  • dry skin

  • hormonal imbalances

  • + more 

The goal of HTMA is to help us determine whether the body's energy system is out of balance & how to use nutrition to correct it. Once we restore balance to the body, the body will have enough stamina to heal itself. 

There is A LOT more to learn and explore after you have real results from the HTMA test. The HTMA eliminates guessing by testing and provides you with answers. It starts to get really exciting and I would LOVE to be your guide on this journey. 

*The HTMA is not a diagnostic test and is for informational purposes only. NTP’s do not diagnose, treat, or cure disease. We do look at things from a root cause perspective and provide strategic guidance to help get your body back on track

**The HTMA provides one piece of the puzzle. If you are experiencing many symptoms, we can chat through additional support + talk through my offerings.

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