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Couples Therapy


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Therapy  Goals

I aim to help couples identify and address areas that need improvement, highlight their strengths, uncover the root of, understand, manage, and resolve conflict while working to process and repair past hurt and trauma. My work with couples includes a deep understanding of each partner and, in turn, a deeper understanding of one another. 


Through our work together, I will teach you communication skills, how to navigate conflict, repair and resolve arguments. You will also become more aware of your reactions, communication style, and attachment, as well as your partner's. I will help you become aware of your cycles and dynamics and through effort, you will change patterns that are no longer working.

The goals are to heal and, ultimately, feel safe in love. The path there includes feeling, understanding, and processing your emotions, being transparent and gentle with one another, and learning to receive and be received in a conscious partnership.

I Help Couples Who Might Be Experiencing the Following:

  • navigating stressful life transitions (e.g., grief, jobs, moving)

  • welcoming a new baby and (or) adjusting to parenthood

  • navigating open relationships 

  • pre-marital couples' counseling (i.e., building a strong foundation before deepening the commitment)

  • betrayal

  • trauma 

  • conflict management 

  • communication issues

  • barriers to intimacy (sexual, emotional, physical) 

  • loss of connection

It is important to note that relationships are extremely nuanced and ever-evolving. Many of these issues can co-occur or occur at different times throughout your relationship. Thus, my work with couples is not limited to these areas. 

Couples Therapy


  • 60-80 minute session

  • Offers sliding scale 

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